The girl reacts in an interesting way to see that the main character of the mermaid looks like her

Representation in any media is always an important aspect to take into account for the public that consumes the product. Currently, movies and TV series are trying to include more diversity and inclusion in order to send an important message: representativeness matters. Being able to see oneself reflected on a screen, in cartoons or in advertising campaigns is key for society to follow a path of development in all kinds of spaces that need diversity, inclusion and representation with those who are interpreting a character or an idea. A few days ago, the great Disney exhibition took place, D23 is the space that takes place every 2 years and is the perfect medium to present new projects, exclusive offers or access to events for fans. It was there that the first official preview of the anticipated live action adaptation of .

The Little Mermaid was released, which has been full of many controversies and problems related to the choice of the cast, especially the protagonist. Since it became known that the actress and singer, Halle Bailey would be Ariel, many negative comments began to emerge due to the difference between the princess that everyone knows in the animated film and the choice of production. However, despite the critics, everything followed its course and The Little Mermaid will have its premiere as planned. One excited mom posted a TikTok with the message: “When your favorite Disney princess looks just like you.


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