A top school that not only prioritizes academics but also homework

The initiative seeks that young people are also competent in domestic matters, not just academic. How many times have we asked ourselves what use it is for us in daily life to know that the sum of the squares of the legs of a right triangle is equal to the square of the hypotenuse? Undoubtedly, we have questioned this and other knowledge because it seems that they do not have such frequent application in our daily lives. We even only learn it to pass the subject and once the course is over, we will forget almost everything. So, upon reaching adulthood, we know that it is essential to know how to read and write as well as to be able to perform mathematical operations without a calculator.

 But we also wish they had taught us other useful things like deducting taxes without committing tax fraud. Or something simpler like how many cups of water the rice should be cooked in [the general formula is two cups of water for each cup of rice]. We grow up watching our parents doing certain household chores and we get an idea of ​​how they should be done. However, when it’s our turn to do things ourselves, we realize that we don’t really know anything. So we have three options: we can call an adult (someone with more experience) to help us, look for a tutorial on YouTube or spoil everything because by spoiling you learn. Fortunately, you can also learn with a few classes and this is exactly what a Spanish school wants to do with its students. The Montecastelo School teaches cooking, washing and ironing classes to its students. In the city of Vigo, in the northwest of Spain; The students of this school receive education in the area of ​​housework. It is offered as complementary workshops so that young people learn to do certain jobs at home and become independent adults.

 The proposal of the Montecastelo School is that its students graduate having not only academic knowledge but also knowledge to cope with daily life. In fact, the school offers, in addition to the basic subjects, other activities that promote the comprehensive development of students. There, young people can learn science, arts and sports. But what has surprised the world the most are, without a doubt, their classes to learn how to cook and iron. «The “Home Skills” or housework, are activities that, in the form of complementary subjects, have begun to be taught at the Montecastelo school in Vigo» the publication begins. These classes have been implemented since 2018 and apparently have been in good demand by the student community. To this day, young people still gladly attend to learn a little about domestic chores. The idea was also wonderfully accepted on social media. Many users commented that it would be great if these types of classes were also held in the region where they live.

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