The man orders 23 dishes in the buffet restaurant within the campaign. In the end, he is asked to leave the restaurant

The place offered an “all you want to eat” promotion for a certain amount. When they saw that the man did not stop eating, they asked him to leave.
A man was taken from a buffet restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil after eating 15 pasta dishes and ordering 8 more. The Brazilian sat at the table with his colleagues, a group of men. They took advantage of the restaurant’s promotion where customers could eat as much as they wanted for 19.90 reais. His table was full of dishes, and despite the fact that the promotion was “All you want to eat”, the restaurant did not deliver what was promised.
After eating 15 plates of pasta, Joa called the waiter, but not to close the bill, but “eight more plates, maybe? Four servings of lasagna and four more gnocchi.” “I was looking for the cheapest place to eat, then I saw this restaurant that offered pasta dishes a la carte for 19.90 reais,” said Joa.

He also commented that he manages that level of appetite by working on construction sites, as he expends a lot of energy. At first, the waiter thought that this was all his customer would ask for, because it was impossible to eat everything he ordered. He even warned that if he did not finish the meal, he would have to pay 9.90 reais to the restaurant. Joan smiled and answered. The man didn’t even taste his first batch of food and ordered five more dishes: three stuffed gnocchi and two noodles. Trying to satisfy the man, the restaurant served him its heaviest plates. “When they came with one of these plates, I said, ‘This is full, huh?'” but that didn’t stop him, the man ate it all and ordered eight more plates. “The waiter looked at me with wide open eyes, and I found out that he had finished this last order and was not going to continue, because he had eaten eight donuts in the morning,” he told the local media with a laugh.It was because of this that Jo noticed some strange movements by the waiter and the venue staff. Then the manager came and asked him to leave the place. The man didn’t like it, so he took out his phone and recorded a video, telling about what happened to him. This post already has millions of views on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the restaurant stated that João is a frequent customer and that the job is nothing more than content production for the customer’s social networks. However, it was not possible to calm down the criticism of the restaurant, so the artist was invited to eat again and in total, Joan ate 35 dishes. “This is the result of being allowed to eat what I want,” he joked.



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