Sometimes dreams need to be used correctly, like this man. He won a lot of money with the numbers he saw in his dream

Alonzo won a quarter of a million dollars with a very peculiar sequence of numbers for games. Most of us have wanted to buy a lottery and win at least once in our life. However, this chance is really slim. Therefore, it is almost impossible for someone to pick the exact numbers to win the prize. Well, the story of this occasion will make you believe that anything is possible. This guy bought a lottery ticket with winning numbers, but the most incredible thing about the situation is that he saw all these numbers in one of his dreams. In his case, the probability of winning the lottery was less than 1%, and in the case of the jackpot it was even lower. However, there are people who are born with luck and luck to succeed in gambling.

We are talking about Alonzo Coleman, a retired man from Virginia, United States.  He won 250 thousand dollars with a lottery ticket by marking all the numbers he saw in his dream. According to the official website of the state lottery, the man wrote down the dream numbers as soon as he learned about them. So he spent $2 on a ticket numbered 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, an extremely unusual sequence for such games. According to lottery data, Alonzo’s odds of winning were 1 in 3.8 million.

The most curious thing about this man’s story is that he apparently came with a streak of good luck, since weeks before buying his millionaire card, he had won $500 in a previous raffle. “It’s hard to believe. I still don’t believe it, “said the lucky man. This money is very good for Alonzo since he has been retired for a few years and the money will serve as a complement to his pension.





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