A man at this age is looking for a woman to whom he will leave his property

Can you imagine being able to buy everything you want without worrying about the price? Well, continue reading, because the woman who meets all the requirements that this millionaire man over 70 is looking for will be possible. This millionaire wants to get married and has a list of requirements that his future wife must meet if she wants to access all his fortune. His name is Benjamin Slade, he is of British origin and in addition to being a millionaire, he also has a title of nobility. But he lacks something, a wife with whom he can enjoy all that money.

The millionaire confesses that, although he has had dating relationships with really perfect women. And it is his desire that he has attended various television programs since he believes that this medium could help him get his wife. And some of the requirements that this man asks of his new wife is the fact that the woman must be between 30 and not over 40 and meet the following list:

 Do not measure more than 1.65 meters

Have a driver’s license

Must know how to fly a helicopter

Must be willing to have a child

bear living in a castle

 Also, he has no qualms about saying that he would leave her bank account open for the woman to buy everything she wants. Of course, all his life full of luxuries, castles and comforts would also be for his wife. It is seen that this man is very clear about it, and although his specifications are really peculiar and very specific, he does not lose hope of being able to find the woman who will become his wife and who can give him what he most desires, a son. “I want to take you to exotic places. I love great food and I like to take secret vacations.

 So that’s my sales pitch,” the groom proclaims. “I’ll give you my credit card so you can shop until you drop,” he promises his future wife. According to Daily Mail, Slade owns a castle called Dating back to the 13th century and located on the outskirts of London. Until now, the British billionaire continues to search for the perfect woman who can give him a child and with whom he can enjoy his life of travel, luxury and wealth.


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