The all-over pearl dress was voted the most beautiful dress worn by this beauty

If you are married, you know what planning a wedding means, you should not miss a single detail of this important event. Each part is significant, this means that, from the centerpieces, the cutlery, the decoration, the lights, flowers, the food, the room where the wedding will take place, in short, everything, but everything has to be carefully chosen.

In this sense, the dress is perhaps the most important thing, everyone will see the bride and groom, and it is known that the wedding dress always creates expectation: what it will be like, what color, will it fit the body, wide, will it have ornaments or will it be a simple dress․ Imagine, if for any event the dress has to be the perfect one, now we are talking about that special day.

The perfect dress․ Truth, that one feels good when they compliment and admire what we are wearing. It is that it is something else, it speaks of our good taste. This was what happened to the young Intan Azzahar, whose dress was ranked as the most beautiful in the world. This Indonesian woman prepared thoroughly for her wedding, and was undoubtedly determined to have the best dress of her life. life, and he did. A dress that for many represents the dress of her dreams.

The wonderful dress was designed by Ivan Gunawan, who created it tailored for the woman. The unique thing about this dress is not its color, it is the fact that it is covered in pearls, giving it elegance, class and an air of royalty. A dress with layers, wide and sporting a long train; long sleeves, with transparencies and of course, pearls. Some say that it could well be considered a work of art. And it is. Did you like the dress?

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