Grandpa decorates his bike with balloons to pick up his granddaughter at school

Without a doubt, Valentina had an unforgettable birthday. In almost the whole world, the day of your birthday is the most important day if you are a child; gifts, sweets, food and friendships turn that day into a memorable moment and memory. These are days that remain marked in our memory forever, and the whole family strives to make the best celebrations. But grandparents are not far behind either and without a doubt this grandpa made his granddaughter’s birthday the best of all.

 Valentina Mora Daniel’s last birthday was unforgettable. It was the big day of the third year student and to surprise her, her “tata” went to look for her at her school on a bicycle with a big sign that said “Happy Birthday Vale” and also decorated her bike with a lots of balloons. Her grandfather, Carlos Héctor Daniel, 65, is known by all as the “chato” teacher, since he was a teacher at the same school where Vale studies, but for the little girl he is not a former teacher, It is his ‘Dad Carlos’. The sweet grandfather wanted to surprise his granddaughter and decorated her bike, which she pedaled to the Osvaldo Burela school, located at El Barrio 402 in Salta, Argentina, and there she waited patiently for Valentina to get out of class. Upon seeing him, the girl did not hesitate to express her joy for such a noble gesture by hugging him fervently.

  As they headed home, motorists and passers-by who witnessed this colorful vehicle did not hesitate to applaud this grandfather’s creativity with honks and waves. Her daughter, moved by the love between her grandfather and her granddaughter, told how grateful she was that her father is so present in the life of her little girl. “The truth makes me proud of my dad. I am eternally grateful for the small details that mark Valentina’s heart.”


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