The girl asked her teacher to tie her hair during the performance. His teacher did it

It is not uncommon to find comments where it is seen that there is no appreciation or awareness of the true work of a teacher. The truth is that they not only educate, they also become counselors, role models, people who, beyond their work as teachers, are here to help their students. Of course, not all of them are like that, but there are many who go beyond what their job is supposed to be. Among the model teachers is Jonathan Oliver, a coach and physical education teacher at WG Elementary School in the United States. This teacher was recognized for his work beyond his activities. What happened is that, while training for the school basketball team, the girl Kristen Paulk needed a favor from the teacher, to collect her hair in a horse tail. The teacher did not hesitate and soon began to fulfill the order, of course, she had to kneel. 

What he didn’t know is that he was being recorded by Kandice Anderson, a teacher at the school. The teacher found it so cute that she soon shared the video on social media, drawing attention to the coach.For Oliver, it was not surprising, that is, to realize that he had attracted so much attention, which for him was only a gesture and a simple ponytail. But evidently for others I mean much more. The action garnered so much attention that the teacher had his own segment on it on Good Morningg America, where his mother came out letting go and thanking the teacher in a very sincere way. But Oliver said again that it was nothing, in fact, he assured that he also takes care of doing his daughter’s hair when his wife can’t. It was certainly a great gesture from the teacher. Always be on the lookout and help students where you can, is something that teachers will be grateful for.

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