She is the model who is compared to a doll. And indeed he is very similar and beautiful

For a long time, the Barbie doll has been the role model for many since childhood in terms of aesthetics, since they represent an impressive beauty that ranges from beautiful hair, big eyes, envy body and long legs. And although many of us can only fantasize about this stereotype, there are many women in the fashion world who are very similar to these beautiful dolls, just look at the beautiful Australian-Sudanese model to confirm it. 

Nyadak Duckie Thot is a gorgeous woman who looks like a real Barbie. Although she has headlined several magazines, it wasn’t until 2017 that her event totally changed the course of her professional career. In a photograph titled “Duckie After Dark,” she appeared looking exactly like a Barbie. 

The photograph was so impressive that many people came to doubt that she was a real person, the secret of the image was that the photo session had to look very Barbie-style. At first things were very complicated for her but luckily her unmatched beauty was discovered and her career took off significantly. 

She is just perfect, beautiful face, unmatched skin, big and expressive eyes, envious figure. The color of her skin varies depending on the light, this is due to a strange distribution of melanin in the body. 

On the web we can find hundreds of photos of this beautiful woman, many of her fans do not believe it is her, although it is indeed her. “Black women have only been taught to hide our hair but not to care for it. I think that hair companies, the media, hairdressers and the industry itself are to blame for this”. “They have made no effort to ensure that black women can also look natural. The industry should take ownership and invest in us.”

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