According to the project proposed by the man, necessary items are made from coconut waste, which are exported to the market and sold

In India, coconut trees play an important role in everyday life in that country, as they are used to make various items for the home. However, not everything is used, there is a lot of waste from these trees, all this creates garbage and pollutes not only the streets, but also the drainage and even the air. But there can be a solution to all this pollution, of course this was not proposed by the government, but by an independent project.

The project concerns the creation of pallets based on coconut tree waste, a completely biological solution, and the fact is that the number of pallets produced annually is impressive, there are almost 1700 million, and they all go to the Asian market. And to produce such amount of pallets, about 200 million trees are needed annually. Also, the idea of ​​making a pallet with coconut tree parts does not require a lot of investment. Not to mention the fact that their production represents additional income for the people of the community.

Project manager Michael Voss is that he used the technology prepared by the scientists of the University of Wageningen. Besides, it was the same person who formulated the idea and thought about the business. Imagine being able to eliminate the entire reforestation of Asia, as well as the pollution and high costs associated with moving to countries like New Zealand or Canada.

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