The wedding photo session was interrupted by a dog who became one of the heroes of the day

The young woman will turn fifteen on March 23 and is fortunate to have one of the funniest and most emotional results in her images. In the province of Matanzas, like any other Cuban quinceañera, Olivia began the preparations for her photos: she fixed her hair, took care of her makeup, the clothes she would wear.

Everything was perfectly orchestrated except for the appearance of “Firulais”, a  dog. Olivia was walking down the cobbled street. She advanced under the sun, with her dress for the occasion, through the center of the Plaza de la Vigía. When she sat on the floor and unexpectedly came a shy puppy at first, but when Olivia showed him that he could trust her, he soon gained confidence from her and joined her photo session. Firulais sat on Olivia’s dress and there she decided to rest.

Far from driving the dog ​​away, as many probably would have done, Olivia fell in love with the animal and let it rest in her lap. “He came into your life, don’t abandon him, if you can’t keep him, do something for him. Don’t leave it there, it was a gift of 15 that was sent to you from heaven,” commented Crucita Pérez Mena.

Olivia, however, stated that she cannot keep the dog for reasons of space, but the photos and the location of Firulais are already available to anyone “who wants to laugh like Ali,” explained the fifteen-year-old’s father. At the moment, protectors from all over the island applaud the girl’s attitude and work to promote her photo.

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