The duckling takes care of the owl in its nest, considering it his own

Sometimes in nature we can come across many unusual cases. In relation to animals we have often come across when one animal takes care of another animal’s young. We have heard a story that a hen takes care of kittens. And today we will present a story about how an owl takes care of a duckling, considering it as its own. Nature once again gives us an unusual story of animal husbandry. Laurie Wolf is a photographer based in Florida, USA, where she witnessed an incredible event.

Laurie noticed a mother Florida Duck move one of her eggs to another nest in a pine tree. The next day, the photographer observed an owl move to the nest where the egg was. A month later, the duck appeared in the nest.

“Seeing the owl with the duckling was honestly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s still hard to believe,” Laurie says. The owl most likely hatched the duck egg because it was in the nest for a whole month. A nature reserve on their property has agreed to take care of the duckling if Laurie catches it.

However, as soon as she tried to catch the bird, she would jump out of the nest and run to the nearby pond. Ducks sometimes lay one or more eggs in the nest of another animal. “We know it happens naturally, but we don’t really know how often,” said Christian Artuso, director of Manitoba Bird Studies in Canada. “So I was happy to see another example of this.”

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