It is necessary to pray often and that way you will live easier.

What is the use of praying and trusting? Praying is something we do when we feel the need to, but rarely with the intention of thanking God for what he does for us. We look for God to fix only our problems. Praying is only the first step to many things, trust is the next. When you trust you do your part by acting and looking for the reason for which you prayed. If you need health, do your part by eating better or exercising and trust in God. If what you want is strength, do your part and trust God. Order your priorities When you pray, you probably ask for many things or you may do it systematically. Think carefully about what you want to ask God for.

What do you really need and focus on that. Also order your life according to what you need. If in the end you do not receive it, remember that God’s answer can also be a ‘No’ Jesus says in Matthew 11:28 that we come to Him labored and loaded, that He will give us rest. God does not tell you to leave your problems at home or to keep them, He tells you to come with them, and He will take care of them. Seek first the Kingdom of God, we are told in Matthew 6:33 and this is what we must aspire He promised Clothing, food, and shelter if we fulfill this quest: “All these things (food, clothing, and shelter) will be added to you.” Like any of his creations, he will take care of us. Find some time to talk with God and pay attention to what he says.

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