This barber transforms people’s hair into beautiful creations in rainbow hues

Psychologists recommend that people periodically organize a “splash” of emotions. Someone leaves a diet and arranges a gluttonous weekend, while others go to the hairdresser Snezhana Vinnichenko, who practices her magic in St. Petersburg, Russia. The best word to describe what you can do to your clients’ hair is hard to find. And in general, this is a must. These bright and colorful rainbow hairstyles are made by the talented Russian artist, such rainbow color hairstyles leave people speechless.

Living in Saint Petersburg, the stylist is quite famous on social media and has more than 440 thousand followers on her Instagram account. Recently, a video of Snezhana’s work went viral. “It’s like cutting a cake,” one Instagram user commented below the video of the stylist revealing a hidden rainbow beneath dark brown hair. Enjoy this gallery with the great works of this artist:



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Публикация от Снежана Винниченко (@snegga_vinni)


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