A beautiful bird with silver ears, depicted in a variety of autumn colors

The warmth of autumn in its plumage․ Maybe it’s because fall hasn’t started yet, but when I saw a photo of a silver-eared messia, I felt enveloped in a warm glow of this season. Silver-eared messiahs are found throughout South Asia, particularly Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Laos.

They live in the humid, tropical forests of southern China and will sometimes migrate to India in winter. While many bird species have dull colored females and brightly colored males, both sexes share the beauty of richly colored plumage.

The most obvious difference between the male and female mesias is that the males have throats that are orange-red, while the females are yellow. The exact color patterns can change, with their backs varying between gray or olive, and the proportion from gray to red on the wings. But all have the distinctive black heads with bright silver patches.

Due to pattern variations, researchers currently consider there to be at least seven subspecies of the silver-eared mesia, but they are still learning more about what might make each subspecies distinct.Its diet consists mainly of insects and fruits, which are abundant in its habitat. A beautiful bird that seems to be drawn with the same colors as autumn. Share this note so your loved ones can marvel at this gallery of one of the most beautiful birds in Asia.

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