The image of a modest boy who took his 1-year-old sister to class with him

The tender but shocking scene of the child has become a great and beautiful example to follow․ Justin is a 7-year-old boy who knows what he wants and is very determined to continue his studies, without neglecting the great responsibility of taking care of his little sister despite his young age. 

His conviction to continue his studies inspires him to know that this effort will allow him to help his family in the future. What a great message to the world․ Justin’s story was revealed by one of her teachers through her Facebook account and in a short time she has received the admiration of many people. This wonderful child comes from a poor family where all members must work to bring something home and survive. The precarious living conditions of this little boy have motivated him to believe that in his studies he can find a way to help your family out of poverty․

Mamlei, a teacher at the Salvación de Filipinas Elementary School, in the Magallanes area, was the bold person who took the photograph and did not hesitate to share it on the social network explaining the personal situation of the little one It is striking to see how Justin sits in the first seats of the classroom. She really does it with special interest. He feels a deep responsibility to learn every day. His teacher stated that this little boy takes the time he spends learning from him very seriously while he is at school. She is sure that he will go far, he deserves it․ Justin is giving the world a clear message, when he wants to learn and improve himself there are no barriers that prevent him. Everything is in the heart and in the will, being a better person starts with believing in yourself and then letting your example speak for itself.

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