The brother sews a beautiful gown for his sister’s party because they didn’t have money

Without any knowledge in cutting and clothing but with a great taste for fashion, the young Maverick Francisco Oyao demonstrated the infinite love he has for his younger sister.

Maverick Francisco Oyao and his family are from Zamboanga, Philippines but they do not have many resources, however, the young man wanted to support his sister and decided to make the gala dress.

As a good brother, he had to think how he would do such a thing, he is a student of Culture and Arts at a local university, after asking his friends and acquaintances to help him, he managed to get some money to buy the necessary materials and make the custom design for Lu Asey.

Maverick Francisco Oyao
Mave, as his close friends call him, had no idea how to make a dress and never imagined acting like a fashion designer but he learned on his own and after a week and a half of hard work he finished the dress.

At the school gala they were going to name the best dress of the night, so Lu was especially excited to see if she could win the prize, at the end of the evening, the young woman did not take first place but all the attendees loved her dress.

In addition, she was very happy and satisfied with everything that her brother had done for her. Maverick uploaded much of his process to his social networks, where he received congratulations and good comments.
Below we show you some photos that he shared, from the sketch to the final result, there is even a short photo session.

Everything started from scratch and did the sketch to the best of his ability

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