A man has built special shelves for his girlfriend so that she can put her glass collection there

Since she was little, Ana Stanowick saw how cups were part of her daily life. Her mother, Jodi, brought different types of cups home with her and formed a collection, although it was not unusual for the girl that her mother had a great affinity with her objects. , his father disagreed.

After a long relationship, Ana’s parents divorced and Jodi was ready to start over and take her collection full of different textures, colors, designs and sizes.

The 19-year-old took advantage of her Twitter account to share the grand gesture her mom’s new boyfriend had done for her: a shelf just so she could put her cups, which mostly They are frog themed.

After 3 years of dating, Davis told Today Style that what she did for Jodi was simply so she could enjoy her cup every day, instead of drinking from a different one every day. Before she had a place to display them, Ana’s mother kept them in the kitchen cabinets.

While it didn’t take her long to install the shelves, what’s important is why she did it and for whom. She even added more slots for the future purchases of her beloved girlfriend. Although it may sound insignificant to many, for Jodi it is something she never had or imagined having. Lovers of themed mugs appreciate this type of action. Small gestures are more important and meaningful.

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