The boy painted his whole house pink. In the future, she is going to make her furniture and everything in the house pink

The Cottage Company is well known for building compact home communities. The houses that they build are small but very beautiful, attractive and functional houses. But nothing compares to the Kvale Hytte Cottage, which is nothing more and nothing less than the house that you will see below. This tiny house won the Builders Choice Grand & Merit Awards, it also won the National Housing Award in 2009. This house is considered one of the best places to live

The porch, although it seems small in the photo, is the right size to be able to have small gatherings․ A young man has made his neighbors very uncomfortable with his decision to paint their house absolutely pink. It is not a pale or creamy pink, but a strong pink that few would imagine as the ideal color for a grand façade. Emilio lives in the city of Pflugerville in Texas. Emilio Rodriguez came to the neighborhood when he bought the house in November of last year. 

Since then he knew that he wanted to give it a very personal touch so that the house reflected his creative personality, so he did not hesitate for a second to dare to experiment a little and get away from the most conventional colors. Even though the house is already conspicuously pink, the young man wants to take things much further and still has big plans to make sure that absolutely every piece of furniture and objects turns completely pink․ The particular vision of him has not been liked at all by most of his neighbors. Many have tried to convince him that it makes the neighborhood lose its value, but Emilio is convinced that he is completely entitled to paint his house in the color that makes him feel better. 

“Even if an Association of Owners of the Area were to form, I know that I am within my rights. I did a lot of research before painting the house.” The house has aroused the curiosity of many people. Many drive to its portal just to verify that there really is such a particular and striking house. Without a doubt, Emilio’s facade will continue to give a lot to talk about. Can you imagine living next to such a striking house? Share this story and tell us your opinion about Emilio’s decision.


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