At the age of 14 he begins to dig a well and now it is a cave that has everything to live

Andrés Cantó is a young man who dreams of becoming an actor. However, he has managed to rise to fame in a much more unexpected way: he built his own cave in a fit of bad temper and has perfected it to the point that it has electricity, an oven and even a Wi-Fi Internet connection. It all started in March 2015 when Andrés’s parents asked him to get ready to go to a nearby town.

 At that time, he was 14 years old. He refused time and time again and finally decided to run away to a piece of land where his parents were planning to make a swimming pool. “He did not handle emotions very well,” said Andrés.  Back then it was the year 2015 but today it is a cave that has left everyone speechless. 

“My grandfather was a farmer and he has had caves all his life, so I have learned a lot,” said Andrés. Doing some physical activity has always helped him drain his emotions and feel better. “It’s like when you do sports. You end up sweaty and relaxed. Then you take a shower and you’re like new. It was like going to the gym,” said Andrés. 

The well became deeper and deeper and for a while a friend of Andrés decided to help him. They used a pickaxe motorcycle and managed to give the cave much more shape. In 2019, he built ten steps to go down comfortably and made a two-meter vault that serves as a room.

He also devised a small mechanism to bring all the earth to the surface and began to build a small porch with a garden in the area above his construction. Currently the project has electricity, an oven and even Wi-Fi.

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