This child stood out from the rest by holding a dream for all people on his birthday

“What is your wish, Pi?”, asks the mother. “I want everyone to be happy”. It might even look like a montage, right? But no, he’s just like that. Pietro hugs trees to recharge his energy and says they help him. Pietro is running in the Child category of the Reasons to Believe Award, an award that highlights stories of real people.

 In a video posted on Instagram, his mother, Carla Paula, shared the heart-melting moment when her son makes a beautiful birthday wish after blowing out the candles on the cake.  Is there anything more beautiful than the purity and innocence of children? Earlier this month, little Pietro celebrated another year of life with his family, who live on a farm in Pilar do Sul. After the repercussion of his video, the family won several donations of sweets, cake and managed to throw a better little party for him. 

“Something you really want to happen, that only Heavenly Father can do… Think of something and blow!” says a family member in the background. Pietro thinks, thinks and thinks some more until he gives the most perfect answer ever․ “I want everyone here to be happy!”, he says, to the surprise – and joy – of his parents. “He owns my heart, which makes me proud and gives me reasons to be a better person every day! I love your pure little heart and your brilliant mind, you deserve the best things, my life”, said Carla in the caption of the video. Pi is only 6 years old and lives with his father on the farm.

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