88-year-old man says he wants to help those who don’t have conditions to learn English for free, he doesn’t even take travel expenses

Earlier this week, photographer Fran Machoski was taking a walk around the Feirinha do Largo da Ordem, in Curitiba, when she spotted a nice old man with a sign that said: “Free Lessons “.


“I asked her how the classes worked, already expecting that after the free sample some kind of paid combo would come”, said Fran in a post shared on Instagram. The classes were really 100% free. Mr. Henrique, 88 years old, makes himself available to go to the student’s house, without even charging a travel fee, not even a bus ticket. When asked why he was so generous, the elderly man said: “Look, I want to help those who don’t have money to pay. I don’t want to hoard. Accumulate for what?”he said. 

Mr. Henrique is competing in the Longevity category, of the Reasons to Believe Award, an award that highlights stories of real people.  According to the photographer, to meet him and arrange classes, it is necessary to come on a Sunday to Feira do Largo, close to the Igreja da Ordem, in Curitiba, between 9:30 and 10:30. The English teacher insisted on writing a letter thanking Fran and her followers for their sensitivity. “Mr. Henrique, his emotion is ours too! On behalf of everyone who liked, shared and made comments, I leave here my most sincere thanks. Thank you all so much for existing, simple as that,”she completed.


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