The students will never forget their dear teacher who is tetired

After giving her last class, Professor Lourdes found a crowd of students waiting for her in the hallway to thank her for her teaching work. Between applause and ovations, the woman received all the affection of the community. For many children and adolescents, going to school is very boring and exhausting, something that many of us have probably thought at their age because there were classes that did not interest us and made us study even though it made us lazy. However, within it there are many good things, such as friends, hours of play, the subjects that were our favorites and of course the teachers who always helped us. It is common to find all kinds of teachers: the strict ones, the funny, shy, and even those who were kind of familiar to us and several others, but generally we have always held one in our hearts for their dedication and effort in teaching.

 For example, the one who was patient in teaching us mathematics from scratch as long as we understand it, or another language, among other things. Sometimes this vocation is appreciated by all students and remains marked in their hearts, as in the case of Professor Lourdes. The Good News Movement site shared the story of Professor Lourdes, who is a woman who taught foreign languages ​​in a school until the day he retired. A fact that closed an important cycle in her life, but that did not mean something sad, but quite positive because she could see how much her students loved her, since they prepared something special for her. The students appreciated each of her teachings and her vocation, so as a show of affection they greeted her with a crowd when she finished her last class.

The moment was recorded in a video, where the teacher can be seen surprised as soon as she saw the students lined up in the corridor while they cheered and applauded for her more than 30 years as a teacher. “Happy retirement: After more than 30 years teaching foreign languages, Professor Lourdes says goodbye to active teaching to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Thank you for everything teacher! “, says the Good News Movement publication.


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