Photographer stumbles across spotted zebra and it’s his best work

You can really meet miracles in nature. There are people who are great lovers of nature and animals. Most of them want to photograph animals and wonderful scenes of nature. This photographer is really a great lover of the animal world and nature. One day he meets an interesting animal, which is really a rare phenomenon.

The stripes are perhaps the most striking feature of the zebra. But those who are still arguing over whether the zebra is white with black stripes or black with white stripes are going to have to radically reconsider their idea of ​​zebras. Wildlife photographer Frank Liu captured an incredible sight in Kenya’s Masai Mara: a spotted zebra. Each zebra pattern is as unique as each person’s fingerprint.

Liu says it’s probably the first zebra in the entire reserve with such rare coloring. The young zebra’s coat looks like a spotted blanket… In fact, Liu was looking for rhinos when this amazing animal caught his eye. The zebra was named Tyra after the guide who accompanied Liu on the expedition.

Brenda Larison, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, says zebra stripes can serve multiple purposes. “One possible purpose of the stripes is thermoregulation, another to repel flies, and yet another to protection from predators… but all of our evidence is circumstantial because testing live zebras would be expensive, logistically difficult and ethically unacceptable,” she says. .

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