It’s hard to believe, but this pony is the mayor of a small town in England

Despite the fact that the same Cokington locals democratically elected Patrick as mayor, today they are asking to reduce his office expenses, as they would be excessive. Many people around the world consider that the countries belonging to Europe are by far the most civilized and orderly on the entire planet Earth. It is for the same reason that several were impressed, after it was announced that the new mayor of Cokington, England, was nothing more and nothing less than a pony. Patrick is a little horse, owned by Kirk and Hannah Petrakis, residents of Cokington. There was no one in the town who did not recognize the pony in the streets, since it was playful and friendly.

It is for the same reason that after signing an act, the residents of the place decided that whoever would continue as mayor figure would be nothing more and nothing less than Patrick himself. Despite the fact that this already happened a few years ago, today the first complaints against the animal mayor have only appeared. As it turns out, the pony has his own private office, where he is fed. But, the locals began to complain about the fiscal expense that this implied.

Although Patrick is loved by the Devon community, the villagers stood firm with the request to stop spending extra money on their animal mayor’s ‘office’. And finally the complaint was accepted Kirk and Hannah Petrakis moved the Cokington mayor to a luxury stable, but did not give his location due to pony safety concerns. Even so, it was reported through the municipality that if Patrick’s owners wanted to, they could file a petition to get a new office. More than bad, the pony was popularly chosen.

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