He made his fiancée believe that there was a business meeting to make her a marriage proposal. Colleagues helped him

Juan and Beatriz have been together for 5 years: they met right in the company where they work. The boy thought it was time to take the plunge. This is why he asked his bosses for permission to organize an ideal proposal in a large room: in the end everything went as he hoped. Love can be found anywhere and blossom at any time.

We can meet someone special in the neighborhood where we live, in a public place, on the internet and so on and so forth. Or you can fall in love at work, as this story demonstrates. Beatriz and Juan are an example of this, as they have been employed for a long time in a company in Reynosa (Mexico). They have been working there for 14 and 16 years respectively and it is right here, as colleagues, that they met, to then start a relationship that has already lasted for 5 years, enough time to think about an important commitment such as marriage.

That’s why Juan thought of doing something so special for his beloved. The man spoke to his bosses about the proposal he had in mind to make to Beatriz, asking them for permission to organize the surprise right in the workplace. They listened to him with pleasure and then accepted his request.

So he talked to human resources to lend him a room to fulfill his romantic idea of ​​him. “I asked human resources if there was a free room to lend me, they answered yes and asked me to notify them to find out the day of the event. The next morning I immediately went to buy the ring,” Juan told the media Milenio. His colleagues were excited about the plan and so they wanted to help Juan decorate the hall with red and white heart-shaped balloons, so that everything was perfectly prepared for the big moment. All that was missing was an excuse for Beatriz to arrive, so she was told she had to go to a very important work meeting. So she found the surprise of her beloved of hers, as seen on the company’s Facebook page.

“I didn’t expect it, it was a surprise, I remember I was entering and, since they had given me other indications, I was heading to the room for a meeting. Once I arrived, my colleagues started clapping, I thought they were welcoming me, until I looked up and saw it. It was surprising and absolutely unexpected,” said Beatriz, according to the Milenio media. As romantic tradition dictates, he knelt before her and placed the engagement ring on her finger. It was impossible to hide their happiness. All the colleagues wanted to be photographed together with the future spouses, enthusiastic about having given a hand to this plan, to make two people in love happy. Surely many will go to the ceremony, to witness the new beginning of this wonderful couple, so dear to them.

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