Boy gives his bike to a boy who had one without a seat or wheels. He helped him a lot

“The boy was so happy ․ He asked my son if the bike was really for him. What moved me the most was when they embraced,” said the mother. Details can make people’s day better. Even if they are small things, they can be equally significant as, for example, giving a gift without expecting anything in return. This is what Lucas Sánchez thought, a boy from the Sagrada Familia de la Encarnación district, in Paraguay, who donated his used bicycle to twelve-year-old Brahian Daniel Rojas. According to EXTRA, Brahian comes from a low-income family living in the same area. The kid is known in the neighborhood as every day he goes out of the house with his whistle and pretends to direct traffic, as his dream is to become a policeman.

The problem arises from the fact that to get around his neighborhood he has an old rusty bicycle as his only means of transport, now without seat or wheels. A few weeks ago, one of the neighbors recorded the child while he was doing his daily performance. That video was also seen by Lucas Sánchez’s mother, Nilda González del Puerto, who was very impressed by it. This is how the news also reached Lucas, who immediately made the decision to help him. Lucas told his mother that she would give him her bicycle, bought a year ago by his father.

Although the bike was used, it was still in perfect condition. So, Lucas went to the crossroads where Brahian was also and gave him the bicycle so that he could move around the city in the best possible way. “We are used to doing this kind of thing, but with his clothing. We usually give clothes that no longer fit to someone who needs them. With all due respect to the bike, but his dad gave it to him last year for Children’s Day, and he hardly ever used it because it was too small for him,” said the mother. As soon as the boy saw the gift, he couldn’t believe his eyes. According to Nilda “he was so happy ․ She asked my son if the bike was really for him. What moved me the most was when they embraced,” concluded the woman.

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