Rescued kitten becomes best friends with a bunny. They enjoy spending time together

Beth Stern is very used to living among beautiful animals. They each have their own charm to her, and Cocomelon and Jessica Rabbit’s is her wonderful friendship. Cats have a reputation for not being very friendly compared to a dog, but that depends on several factors.

Probably no one would imagine that a feline’s best friend could be a cute rabbit, but Cocomelon and Jessica Rabbit are here to prove it. Both animals live together with Beth Stern in their home, and if it wasn’t for her they might never have met.

It all started when Beth took Jessica Rabbit in after a woman found her and rescued her from her, and since she was a pet, she wouldn’t survive alone outside of her. At first she Beth had called him Roger Rabbit, but as soon as she saw that she was female she changed it to Jessica.

She had never taken care of a rabbit before, so she learned a lot about taking care of it․ Through her Instagram ‘bethostern’, the woman was sharing videos and images of Jessica Rabbit, where she can be seen eating green leaves and crunchy vegetables. She now has her own room and roams the house freely, and over time she has proven to be a very affectionate and intelligent creature. Later, Beth brought and cared for the kitten, who befriended the rabbit and they became good friends.

Check out one of her videos below.


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