Mother and daughter, proud of their roots, work together in the fields. The woman was once ashamed of being a peasant

Beatriz Sabino was throughout her adolescence denying her past, since she did not want people to make fun of her rural life. However, when she had a daughter from her, her love for her origins blossomed and today she lives with her in the house where she grew up.  Although it is something that is acquired over time and depends a lot on how much pressure is in the social context, not all people are capable of being proud of their roots and where they come from.

There are those who take years to assess this journey, while others are constantly making its origins known. One of those stories is that of Beatriz Sabino, a rural producer from Mogi das Cruzes, in Brazil, who in recent years has seen how he has managed to support his family doing what he likes the most: agriculture. However, Beatriz was not always happy with her present. In fact, she never imagined that she would dedicate herself to that since when she was little all she wanted to do was get out of her town and have another life.

According to Razoes Para Acreditar, this woman had a very complicated childhood. She was walking 4 kilometers on a dirt road to get to school.Upon arriving at her school, her classmates made fun of her because she arrived with dirty feet and clothes, full of mud.  That was generating resentment in her and the desire to never live in the countryside again. But as contexts change and reality takes many turns, today she can look back and realize that dedicating herself to agriculture is the best thing that has happened to her. . After leaving farming when she was young and moving to the city, she met the father of her daughter. They began a relationship with him that ended after a few years.

Beatriz had to take care of her daughter alone and decided to return to her mother’s house in the middle of the Brazilian countryside. Once there she returned to her origins and felt very proud to teach her daughter what her roots were and what it is like to work in the countryside. “When I found myself having to raise my daughter without her father, it was my mother, my grandmother and these lands that welcomed us. Today my daughter Isadora is 9 years old and she says with great pride that we are farmers,” she said. Together, side by side, they have raised her home and her family as well. Her story became so well known in Brazil that she was even the protagonist of a series of reports.

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