Grandma kept playing with a fake parrot and her granddaughter gave her a real one: “She will never be alone again”

“We are sure your grandchildren that this will bring much happiness to you. So granny, I hope you enjoy your gift,” wrote the young woman. The company of a pet is usually something rewarding regardless of age. A few days ago a video on TikTok that was framed in this context went viral. A bird-loving granny came across a toy parrot in a store and decided to buy it. The curious thing about this object was that if one repeated a word to it, it would record it and reproduce it instantly. 

According to Sandra Berganza, the woman’s granddaughter, the family realized that the old woman was constantly playing with this little bird. As she became inseparable from her toy, both Sandra and her other relatives decided to surprise her with a gift that she would probably never forget: they bought her a real parrot so that she could take care of it for her. 

Granny immediately approached the parrot and let it perch on her forearm. “How do we put you? Do you like Glory? You are my Gloria, aren’t you?” She spoke to her bird as he caressed it with her other hand. From then on, the old woman became inseparable from her parrot.


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