8-year-old boy applied for a dishwasher job to buy an Xbox. She didn’t stay but they gave it to her

Nash Johnson knew he wouldn’t get the job at Drake’s restaurant, but he took advantage of a legal loophole to apply anyway. From the restaurant they were so surprised with his attitude that they decided to give him the console, along with a T-shirt. Since they began to exist, video game consoles have been the dream of any child and adolescent.

That generates such anxiety in them that they seek to do whatever it takes to get one, since in general they are more and more expensive. According to information from Today, this boy dreamed of having an Xbox Series S, the new console launched by Microsoft a while ago. But unlike other children, who ask their parents to give them for their birthdays or Christmas, Nash knew that it was very expensive and that he had to earn it with the sweat of his brow. So it was that he did not hesitate for a second to try to get a job to buy one.

Nash got on the computer and unknown to his parents he filled out an application to apply for a position as a dishwasher at a restaurant. “I’m very good at washing dishes,” he assured. Obviously, since this boy is very smart, he knew that when he sent the application there was a chance that they would not accept it, since he is a minor and child labor is not legal. . According to the regulations of the restaurant, called Drake’s, applicants must be at least 16 years old. Nash wrote that it was his first job and that he was under 18 years old.

“They didn’t ask me my real age or when I was born,” he said. With the help of that small legal loophole, Nash’s application went to a second stage. But it was there that they realized it was an 8-year-old boy, so they couldn’t hire him.“This kid is not afraid of failure. He’s an entrepreneur,” said his mother, Belinda Johnson, who said she teaches Nash about financial literacy and pays him $5 a week to do chores around the house. The boy didn’t get the job he was planning to buy an Xbox with, which costs $300.

Even so, from the restaurant they were so surprised with Nash’s attitude that they gave him an official business shirt and an Xbox. Nash couldn’t believe it. But while he was happy to finally have the console in his possession, there was something missing. “I wish I had the job and the Xbox. I have the Xbox, but I wish I had the job,” he closed.

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