Tourists often visit this village because the women here do not cut their hair and believe that it brings them happiness.

There is a village in China called Huang Luo, whose people have very long hair because they sincerely believe that long hair brings them happiness. About six hundred people live in this village, about 70 families, in which about 60 women have very long hair. The hair length of most of them varies from one and a half to two meters. 

The women of this village wear colorful dresses, which are always a pleasure to show off to the tourists who frequent Huang Lo, because seeing so many women with long hair in one place is a real hit. Girls start having such long hair from the day they are born. 

And at the age of 18 and until they get married, they are required to wear special hats and not to show their hair to anyone. The girls’ cut hair is carefully kept by their parents and then given to them on their wedding day. After a girl gets married, she puts her hair in a practical and simple hairstyle. 

If the hair remains on the comb, it is not thrown away, but gathered and woven into the main hairstyle traditionally worn by married women. Caring for such gorgeous hair is also not easy. Women regularly rinse them in special water for rice, adding tea tree leaves and orange peel. After washing the hair, it is necessary to rinse it again in a clean mountain river. It is believed that after such procedures the hair will turn gray only in old age. 

Of course, things change in this world, and it is quite possible that the new generation of women in Huang Luo Village will choose fashionable short hairstyles, while the long hair of their ancestors will remain only in history.


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