The woman went to her son’s parent-teacher conference at school, but the teacher refused to believe she was his mother

You can hardly give this beautiful woman 42 years old, and this guy who is pictured next to her is certainly not to be confused with her son. But it is so. This young British man is called Shimmy Munshi and according to him and those close to him, he hasn’t changed much in his 20s. The boy’s name is Amin and he is Shimmi’s son, he is 21 years old and very proud of his mom.

The woman leads a healthy lifestyle, she devotes a lot of time to sports. Of course, many people live like this in our time, but not everyone can boast of “eternal youth” like Shimmi Munshi. The beauty gave birth to her son early, when she was only 21 years old. She raised him alone and tried to give him the best. 

The fact that she looks much younger than her age didn’t bother Shim until her friends started asking her how she did it. He replies that he learned this secret from his grandmother and cannot reveal it. But of course it’s a joke and Shimmy has no secrets.

 And when Shimi came to school with her son for a parent-teacher conference, the teacher refused to believe that she was his mother, not his sister.

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