He is officially registered in the book of records thanks to his long hair. The girl cut her hair and became more beautiful

Girls usually like to have long hair, boys like it too. And really long hair is very beautiful. However, there are people who never cut their hair and became record holders. For a moment, you can imagine that you have long hair, and suddenly one day you decide to cut it. This story is about a girl who didn’t cut her hair for years and then changed her mind.

A girl named Nilanshi was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest hair among teenagers. But recently decided to cut hair . The record was officially registered in 2018. The girl stopped cutting her hair as a child, after an unsuccessful visit to the hairdresser. Since then, no one has touched her hair.

When Nilanshi was 16, her curls measured 170 centimeters. And last year the length was already more than 2 meters . But this summer, the beauty decided to change her image and get a short haircut. It came as a complete surprise! Of course, before cutting her hair, she thought about where to put it.

And she came to the conclusion that she would hand them over to the museum, and they were gladly accepted there. Of course, Nilanshi admitted that it was difficult for her to say goodbye to her luxurious hair. But we had to move on. And now, with a caret, she feels like herself. It is worth saying that a short haircut did not diminish the beauty of the girl a little, but even emphasized her. Now she looks even fresher

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