Dad made a stylish and comfortable bed for his son with his own hands

Today, buying furniture is quite an easy process if you have money, because they are diverse, in different colors, shapes and sizes. There are many types of children’s furniture. There are cabins and beds built together for little ones. Inside them, the little one can get tired of playing and sleep.

However, if you don’t have money, you can even make them at home. Here’s this fun toddler’s bed cabin made by her dad with her little one helping her out. Buying children’s furniture is an expensive pleasure. Manufacturers create fashionable and beautiful furniture options, but their prices are high. Not every family can afford to buy a fashionable and stylish bed.

This dad decided to create a cozy corner for his son with his own hands. First, the father drew a project – a bed cabin, then bought boards, sawed them to size. The next step was to assemble the main frame. First, all the details were marked and the basic construction assembled. The son was helping his father.

Then they assembled the top in the form of a roof and a place for a mattress. They have completed the circle. Dad painted everything. For this shed, dad chose white, trendy and stylish. It turned out even better than in the store. From now on, the little one will be able to play in his cabin. The little one loved everything so much that he hardly leaves there. Now the boy’s sister also wants the same bed. What do you think? Would you like a bed like this for your little one?

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