The young of this family are born with very thick hair.

As is often the case, babies are born bald or with little hair on their heads. But there is a family in Britain where babies are born with very abundant hair.  At first glance, the Shelton family are the most ordinary residents. But soon they became famous not only in their hometown, but also throughout the British Isles.  

Shelton has two sons, George and Stanley, and they were born with a very unusual feature: thick, long hair on their heads․ When the eldest son, George, was born, the doctors had to cut off his hair. Since the baby’s hair completely covered his eyes, its length reached the tip of his nose. But the most interesting thing is that his hair grew at an amazing speed. In the first six months of his life, George’s hair was cut three times. 

The only thing the kid really didn’t like was the haircut. When the boy was taken to the barbershop for the first time, the master was so surprised that he asked for permission to photograph him. He had never seen a child with such long hair. When George was four, his brother was born. And what do you think? Little Stanley was also very hairy. 

And when he was two months old, his hair straightened and grew exclusively vertically. As the father of the family says, “it looks like he was electrocuted.” And the mother should style the baby’s hair with gel so that it is at least somehow smooth. “My son hardly wears a hat. He can’t stay on his head,” jokes his mother. Doctors say genetics is the reason babies have hair like this. Because the parents also have thick hair that grows quickly.


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