The man likes to feed and take care of the bear cubs and finally release them into the wild. He has already raised and released 230 bears.

Today we can meet a lot of people who are animal lovers and can devote their time to animals, even more so take care of them, feed and take care of them. But come and see, there are still such people who love animals so much that they take care of them. In a small village lives an amazing man, Sergey, a biologist by profession, who dedicated his whole life to feeding motherless cubs.

Sergey is supported in his noble cause by his whole family, and his little bear’s rehabilitation system is considered one of the most effective and best in the world. Sergey considers his main goal to ensure that little bears can live independently in nature․ But it is quite difficult. When Sergey is in contact with the puppies, he always wears green overalls and does not use perfume. He believes that a bear should not get used to the smell of a person feeding it. 

The little cubs are fed with a special mixture made from cow’s milk. Egg yolk, baby formula and vitamins are added to it. Well, when the little ones get stronger, they start giving them special porridge․ The cubs are not given treats or meat. 

This is done on purpose so that the bear does not try to find something tasty among people. They do it so that the bears themselves go to the forest and find delicious food for themselves.  Now, 10 bear cubs are under Sergey’s care. During his entire practice, he took care of approximately 230 bears and released them into the wild.

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