Parents who have many children consider themselves happy, but raising them is not such an easy task.

The Waldrop family raised 9 children, while the mother gave birth only three times. We are going to tell the story of Eric and Courtney, who became parents of six children at the same time. Now their youngest daughters, Rivers, Rayne, and Rawlings, and sons, Lake, Blue, and Tug, are almost four years old. 

Their parents met in high school, and after their wedding, they both decided they wanted to have a big, friendly family with little ones that would fill the house with joy and the laughter of little ones However, after the birth of her first child, Sailor, Kourtney could not have a second child. A few years later, they had two more sons, Wells and Bridge. But for complete happiness they still lacked a girl. 

When the youngest boys were five years old, the couple decided to try again for a girl, but this time it didn’t work out. Years later they succeeded. Six healthy babies were born to Eric and Courtney Waldrop on December 11, 2017. Today, parents with many children are absolutely happy.

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