After building a small house for himself, the boy founded an organization that manufactures and installs such houses

Life in Great Britain has become so expensive that not all citizens can afford to buy an apartment or rent it. Therefore, 36-year-old British Chris Marsh solved the problem of high rents and utility bills in his own way. He built himself a small ecological house on wheels. Keeping a 16 square meter house is quite cheap for Chris, and this house has everything that a person needs for a comfortable life. Before moving into his miracle home, Chris Marsh worked for a construction company and rented a small house for which he paid £650 a month, plus £260 for utilities and taxes.

I stumbled across these tiny houses on an American construction site and decided to try building one myself. I’ve lived there long enough and will never move to a townhouse again. said Chris. He built his two-story house on a small plot of land, which he had previously bought for £110,000. It took Chris 11 weeks to build. 

And now the man pays just £15 a month for his house. In 2017, Chris founded an organization that produces and sells eco houses in many countries around the world. Demand for such homes is high, and last year Chris Marsh’s company sold 30 of these mini-homes for £50,000 each. They build such mini-houses from high-quality wood and give a lifetime guarantee. 

According to Chris, such a house will withstand any weather, and it is easy to tow it to the right place with a car. “My clients are all kinds of people. They are young families and elderly people. Sometimes they just want to buy a small house for a country vacation. We create unique homes and take into account all the wishes of our customers.” said Chris Marsh.

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