Grandmother and grandson became famous on the Internet for their beautiful clothes and interesting characters

Sometimes grandparents are more fun and adventurous. They usually like to stay at home. They are usually very different and have different approaches. One likes to sit quietly and meditate, some like to listen to music, some read a book, some do housework. However, there are grandmothers who are extremely active and strive to make the day interesting.

Here is a 95-year-old a grandmother who, with the help of her grandson, spent her time in the most interesting and unusual way.Her grandson  was 29-year-old Ross Smith. Grandma Pauline Kanan was quite a lively woman. The two of them loved to spend time together.

They made videos of their antics. They performed interesting characters on occasions and wore special dresses. Grandson and grandmother always play funny characters. Their Christmas and Halloween characters are especially noteworthy. Their adventures are quite popular with many people.

They are very popular on the internet.Their clothes are identical and very funny. They play so many amazing and interesting roles. How funny is their Christmas costumes or animal costumes. The age of this woman is of no significance. She was lively and young at heart.

Her characters were very lively and funny. Her clothes fit her very well and were very appropriate. The grandson was the supporter of the grandmother and her clever ideologue. They brought to life the funniest ideas.

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