Step by step you can make such beautiful flowers from fabric

There are people who are big plant lovers and love to cultivate plants in their home and garden. Plants are not only healthy but also produce a large amount of oxygen. Plants require special care. You have to be able to take care of them properly. There are plants that like water and some that don’t. However, now there are such plants that beautify our house and surroundings, but there is no need to water them.  House plants are very important for the house and housewives .Plants can clean the air of the house and also give a beautiful look to our interior.

knitted dragon scale leaves

There are people who find it difficult to provide plants with proper care. Now you can choose your own house plant that does not require care. There are also artificial plants that do not dry out over time or do not require extra care, but those artificial plants are already considered a thing of the past.

crochet polka dot begonia

They were replaced by more beautiful and luxurious plants, which are created from braids of beads. Similar plants are considered very beautiful and sought after. It is true that these plants cannot replace natural plants, but they do not lose their position in beauty. Similar plants are created like real plants, that is, each plant has its own beaded version. They are woven so naturally, even if you put them next to each other, you can hardly feel the difference.

knitted monstera in pot

The beaded plants have already found their owners, you too can already get the beaded version of your favorite plant. It has a very natural look and is placed in a natural flower pot, and you can not be afraid during strong winds, thanks to its strong pedals, it is very firmly attached. is flower soil. You can buy it from specialized flower shops or order a copy of your favorite plant.




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