This device is designed to help malnourished children to eat

Children are not able to use food correctly from childhood, and that is why parents often feel  not good or comfortable or try to correct this process in some way. Sandwiches are children’s favorite dishes, and some children cannot properly enjoy their favorite sandwiches. And now all those parents who have such a problem can rest easy, because we have found the solution.

tot tools whole food holder

Clips designed for special food, make it possible to use sandwiches correctly.Because children love sandwiches, pancakes or waffles, and at different ages, they can’t store food properly, often turning it into a pile of food or just a fun way to play. To solve all these problems, this wonderful clip was created, with the help of which your children will taste their favorite sandwiches. This ingenious utensil has a non-stick design that keeps food in place.

sandwich holder

It is very suitable for use in sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, pizza and burritos. It is not that difficult to use, just put the food in the wings of the clamp, release the lever very slowly so that the food is soft but holds the food firmly.It will become part of every child’s breakfast. And all children who have a hard time eating breakfast or lunch, this clip can be an incentive for them to start eating breakfast with pleasure.The various steps of the parents to encourage the child to eat went in vain, but it was successful thanks to the clip.


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