Play and make ice cream at the same time. This spherical at the same time has quite affordable price

Ice cream is the favorite of all children, they all go crazy for ice cream. Now you can make ice creams at home and make your children happy. It’s not that hard if you have an ice cream maker handy. It might sound funny because in the early days there was an ice cream tray, but now it has been transformed into a ball and has more features than before it can be a great gift for your child. Make ice cream with a few simple gestures and play with it. It can make 1 liter of ice cream for each session played.

amazing ice cream maker ball

It’s not that difficult to use, just fill in the necessary ingredients and close the lid, and the kids can have fun playing with the ball while the ice cream is being made. You can also roll it or throw it, it will not be damaged due to its strong construction. The game will last 25-30 minutes until the ice cream is ready.

finished ice cream scooping ice cream maker ball

The ball has two built-in handles, so opening and closing it is not that difficult. It is exceptionally safe for food. You can wash it in the dishwasher without worry. The ball has different colors, so the choice will be very large. When you buy the scoop, you’ll get an ice cream recipe booklet to help you out. It is very convenient and light at 2.7 – pounds and 8.5. It can be a great gift for your kids on any holiday or you can just surprise them with an ice cream ball and don’t worry it will be loved by any kid with any personality


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