Birds have learned to get food instead of bottle caps thanks to a man-made device

It’s a fine idea to teach birds to work or be useful for something. One man decided to put this idea into practice. He came up with an interesting idea by forcing magpies and crows to collect bottle caps in exchange for food. We all know that magpies like to steal objects. Shiny objects attract to them. This person was a brilliant expert in robotics and this fact helped him realize an idea.What he created was a device for feeding these birds, in front of which the birds brought the caps and threw them into the hole of the device. It can be said that it was a machine that sold food to animals. And for payment, a bottle cap was considered as a payment option .

Man Builds Bird Feeder That Accepts Bottle Caps As Payment For Food And The Birds Have Figured It Out : r/Fallout

This man’s creation works with industrial applications of artificial intelligence. He started thinking about this idea when he noticed two magpies in his garden that wouldn’t leave his yard. They were looking for food and this man decided to teach them to bring bottle caps and instead of it they may have food. It was an idea based on 3D design and electronic software on technology. It was not an easy project. It was a unique project. It was a unique project that was an invention. It took 2 years to complete this work. His efforts and work were not in vain and deserved praise. It has a sensor system and an actuating interface. Bottle caps can be detected very easily with a metal detector based on Arduino code. The first experiments were easy to monitor with a camera. It was a very good way to work these birds and get food. There was no need to wander and look for food. They knew the place and always came to this place to drop the cap of the bottle they collected.



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