Cups that will transport you to another world. Drinking juice or tea with them is really wonderful

In order to break away from the world and change it, many people try to find different areas of interest. Everyone has their own interest and preferences. People even think about generating new ideas and generating new thoughts. Amanda Joy Wells offers some interesting and tiberating ideas.

galaxy-inspired-ceramics close up pattern

It gives you the opportunity to travel to another distant galaxy. It mainly deals with mugs. A cup of tea or coffee in the morning can transport you to a magical world. These cookies are very safe even to put in the microwave. However, they also need care and gentle treatment. Once, at the request of a customer, Amanda made a cup.

galaxy-inspired-ceramics coffee mug

She took a picture of it before handing it to the customer and posted it on the Internet. The customer was very excited because she ordered the cup for her son, who was  no longer there. Amanda, the creator of it, really put a lot of effort into it and worked for quite a long time. Her work was an inspiration for other artists to follow.

galaxy-inspired-ceramics large bowls

She soon started creating new spells one after another. She posts these works on the internet. Her first work was also posted on the internet and got a lot of views. It got many likes. All her super works are sold. You can find pictures of new works on her website.

galaxy-inspired-ceramics pink mug

Sometimes bringing interesting ideas to life provides a great opportunity to be famous, and even these works can inspire other emotions and feelings in people. Bringing such ideas to life was quite popular. Even Amanda could not imagine that it would bring her such fame .

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