The man was wearing striped clothes so that the zebra thinks he was his mother

The animal world is diverse with many species of its hosts. Many animals known to us have their own special character traits. Animals also resemble their parent animals. Sometimes they look like a drop of water and are indistinguishable. We have heard a lot about zebras and seen them in pictures.

baby zebra imprints on keeper with stripe patterns jacket

It is an animal with striped patterns, which we already knew about. When zebras give birth, their cubs are separated. with his mother for a few weeks. The cub would stay with the mother and lay on her and imprint the patterns on themselves. Once they saved a foal in Kenya. To survive, the foal ran  and tried to find help.

diria baby zebra stripe patterns jacket

He ran to a farm and hid in a herd of goats. Fortunately, a shepherd rescued him. He was the shepherd of others’ herd. The shepherd helped the foal and brought it to the Kenya Wildlife Service, which handed it over to the Trust’s VOI to the Reintegration Unit. The wildlife rehabilitation organization named the newborn zebra “Diria,” which was also the name of the ranch where it was found and kept. The man who saved the zebra was very concerned about his safety.

diria baby zebra stripe patterns jacket

The mother had to take care of the foal, because it was small and needed its mother. They were looking for someone to take care of it.The Trust came up with a wonderful idea: the one who agreed to take care of the zebra should wear clothes with similar zebra stripes, so that the cub would recognize her mother by imitating her mother. Through this, the caregiver would be able to feed and provide the kitten with the necessary conditions.

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