The little boy loves his cat very much. They play together all day

Animals are considered friends of people. Any animal can be loyal and serve a person and protect him. Common pets are dogs and cats. Both of them can live with people without disturbing them, but on the contrary they can help them and calm them down. In this video you will see a fluffy babysitter, yes our fluffy friends – cats can actually be good babysitters for children. When the mother leaves her three-month-old son in the room with the cat, she get excited, and when the cat notices, she approaches and tries to calm the child. She held the toy in her mouth and soothed him by stroking his forehead with her hands. The little boy knew him well and was not afraid, but started to enjoy the cat. He was laughing, and the cat kept stroking his forehead. After a bit of stroking, she stopped and started talking to the baby.

He was mumbling, as if he was trying to explain something. He did not leave the baby until the mother returned. The cat had been living with the family for five years, he had already become a member of that family. They took him shopping, he had his own room, his favorite foods, and a toy that he played with in his spare time. However, the cat considered it his duty to take care of the child when he was alone and not to leave him alone. The mother was very sure that the cat would not try to harm the little one and fully trusts her. There was even a case when my mother went shopping after putting the baby to sleep, and when she returned, she saw something that she would never have believed if she had been told. The cat cradled him to sleep, and the little one did not feel bad, moreover, when he wakes up from sleep, he immediately starts looking for his fluffy nanny with his eyes. Once she even tried to feed the baby .


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