The grandmother went to the bank to pay the debt, it turned out that it has been repaid and there was a large amount of money in her account.

Dorothy Perkins was an old woman who took care of her grandson. She assumed the role of a mother to the child. He lost his  mother and father when the  child was 4 years old, and the only relative left was his  grandmother, who raised and educated him,  instilling noble and human traits in him. Little Jimmy meant a whole world to Dorothy. It was not easy for Dorothy, she took all the care on herself and lived quietly. Jimmy was very loved by his grandmother, who was a very affectionate and caring grandmother.

She was the only responsible person for Jimmy. She soon began raising money for Jimmy’s education. She worked day and night to give her grandson a decent education. Her  only thought and attention was connected only with little Jimmy. The boy grew up very quickly without blinking an eye. He graduated from school, then college and entered the university. The grandmother spent all her savings to pay the tuition fees and even took a loan from the bank. The grandson did not know about all that. Soon after the boy graduated from the university, he became a successful lawyer. The grandmother was already 75 years old and the only means of living was her pension.

Her house was also mortgaged in the bank, on the account of which the beloved grandson studied. She  had given up everything for the sake of her grandson. And then the day came when she had to pay the monthly payment, but the woman had no money. She went to the bank in the hope that he would be able to change something. The bank informed her that she had no debt, it was paid and there was even a round sum of 110 thousand dollars in the account. It turned out that Jimmy was the one paying the price, who gave up an expensive trip without a friend for the sake of his beloved daughter’s servant grandmother. He proved that he was worthy of everything that my grandmother had done for him. because I learned that my grandmother was a wonderful person.

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