The bridesmaids dressed alike began to dance. The son-in-law also joined them

Today’s youth never ceases to amaze us with how talented and skilled they are. They know the latest fashion dances, songs, clothing designs and more. They demonstrate their skills in an excellent way especially during any occasion. Lately, it has become very relevant to come to weddings with original and different speeches. Many people make a great impression on the guests with these speeches. It is especially popular when the bride and groom perform a crazy dance A wedding is a big event in everyone’s life. It is organized at a high level. Dances are considered the main ceremony of the wedding. Different countries present the traditional dances of their countries.

Weddings can be very exciting, there are many surprises during a wedding. One of the couples can be the author of the surprise and show the vocal abilities, or make beautiful confessions, etc. Our wedding surprise today was very exciting and of course beautiful. Everything started from the moment when the lights of the hall turned off and slowly started to turn on, and the bridesmaids in green dresses appeared on the stage, and the traditional Irish music began, which was changed to pop music, and Roisy got on the stage and started dancing, after a while, the groom joined them. Everything was magnificently arranged: traditional music, colorful lights, a beautiful couple and girls in green dresses. Their dance will remain in the memory of the guests for a long time.



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