A cherry tree that blooms all year round. Many people visit Japan to enjoy its beauty

The blossoming of any tree heralds the coming of spring. One such tree is the cherry blossom tree, whose flowers are delicate and pink flowers. Many people visit Japan at that time of year to see the colorful cherry blossoms in full bloom. These flowers actually bloom in 1 week. It can bloom all year long .

cherry blossom made from lego bricks

LEGOLAND Nagoya, Japan is home to the famous cherry blossom tree made of Lego bricks. This tree is made from more than 800,000 plastic materials. This tree is placed in the garden and presents a big huge look. It shows meticulous hand work from the base to the petals. This tree was installed on the occasion of the opening of the park. It immediately took its place in the Guinness Book of Records. It is considered the largest Lego tree in full bloom.

legoland japan cherry blossom tree

The height was 14 feet. The width was 5 feet. The weight was also quite large, more than 7,348 pounds. Those bricks took 6,500 hours to assemble. More than 881,470 Lego bricks were assembled to make that tree. It decorates the garden all year round. The tree is completely made of lego. The lanterns are also made of lego, which shine all night long. LEGOLAND Japan has decorated its garden with this wonderful giant tree, which is the focus of many people’s interest.

lego brick cherry blossom assembly

Thousands of people come to see and take pictures of it. It has also attracted a lot of interest thanks to the Internet. If you have a strong affinity for the cherry tree, then this tree is for you to visit and admire its aesthetic beauty. It is a gorgeous and unusual garden ornament, which thanks to a lot of work has stood so proud and won thousands of hearts. Every year, thousands of tourists come to admire the beauty and appearance of this tree.








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